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Ride and Reward: Belleville – The City Ride

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The first in our Ride and Reward series is the city ride in Belleville. I’m based in East Hill and this ride is in my own backyard. It’s a mostly flat, paved, and accessible ride that can be done in under an hour. Let’s go!

Written by Allison Nichol Longtin

Read time: 4 min
a paved walking and cycling trail running along a marsh

I started my ride at the recently completed extension of the Bayshore Trail just east of the Herchimer boat launch. When I first moved to Belleville, this part of the trail wasn’t for the faint of heart or the thin of tires. But now, it’s paved and pretty.

I then connected to the Bayshore Trail and headed West along the paved path that follows the Bay and is a popular walking and cycling route with beautiful views clear across to the County. The Turtle Pond at the bottom of Foster Avenue is a beloved spot for nature lovers. In the warmer months keep an eye out for turtle crossings and slow your roll when approaching geese and their little goslings. 

I particularly love the views from Meyers Pier and Jane Forrester Park. The iconic Norris Whitney Bridge and Zwick’s Park in the distance, a steady wind off the Bay, and the sound of sailboats rocking in the marina are quintessentially Belleville.

After a quick pause to admire the panoramic views, I headed north on South Front Street. For a short time the bike path disappears and I cut through the top of Victoria Park to connect with the path that goes under the hustle and bustle of Dundas street. To make this a longer ride, you could cross the Moira River via the Dundas Street bridge and head to Zwick’s Park for more Bay of Quinte goodness.

I followed the winding path along the banks of the Moira River meandering mostly north. This is a path I take often and year-round; it’s uninterrupted for a long stretch, passing under busy streets. It was a big highlight for me when the new J. Ben Corke Footbridge officially opened in Fall 2022 connecting the city’s east and west sides and crossing the Moira.

a bicycle leaning up against a hot pink park bench
a bicycle leaning against bar seating of a modern bakery, where the garage door is open to show the whole space from the outside

I crossed this bridge and made a beeline for Small Scale Bread to pick up my reward for this ride: a chocolate croissant, which the lovely folks at the bakery set aside for me. Small Scale is a gem in Belleville and a personal favourite of mine. The place was characteristically bumpin’ when I arrived. Before long, I packed my treat gingerly into my bike bag, careful not to crush the light and flaky layers of the perfect pastry. On this ride, I took out my custom gravel bike, Gladys, a Cannondale Topstone made just for me by the good people at The Brake Room. When I’m planning a ride to Small Scale I’ll usually take my Linus Dutchi, Gloria, because she’s got all the baskets for bringing home hard-to-find craft brews and bottles of wine that they keep in stock.

With my treat in tow, I reconnected with the Riverfront trail cycling north against the current. I particularly love the little falls at Lott Dam in Lion’s Park. Some epic sunsets happen here. You could take the bridge across the Moira here for even more views, but I like the little ponds close to Cannifton.

Connecting to Cannifton road feels almost quaint and suburban south of College street. I slowed my roll as I entered the pedestrian tunnel under the train tracks. After a short jaunt along College, I reconnected with the path continuing north toward Riverside Park, best known for its pirate ship playground. I took the path to its northernmost point where I could see the 401, but easily found a quiet spot at a picnic table surrounded by trees and fragrant lilacs. Here it was time for my reward! A perfect setting for an equally perfect treat and fuel for my ride back to East Hill. You could make this ride a loop by exploring the oldest neighbourhood in Belleville, retracing your route back to Bridge Street and then climbing the hill up toward a bicycle path and finally heading south on Herchimer to where I started my route. 

This is an accessible route that takes under an hour one-way. It mostly sticks to paved bike paths and avoids heavy traffic areas; great for younger cyclists and leisurely sightseeing. Happy cycling! 

a paved walking and cycling trail running alongside a river


Allison mapped out the trails and bike routes she took:


This route is just one of four in our Ride and Reward series. We have more rides coming soon in Brighton, Quinte West and Napanee.

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A collection of all our stories from the BOQ

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Let’s see what we got!

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