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Young Entrepreneur: Mikenze Pearsoll

A person doing a yoga pose in front of a tree.

An interview with Mikenze Pearsoll of Yoga With Mikenze.

Describe your business.

Yoga With Mikenze is bringing yoga and meditation to people of “Any Size, Any Level, Any Body!” in Belleville and surrounding area. This includes those who are brand new to yoga and meditation and those who have been practicing for years. At the beginning of the year I was travelling to my students’ homes, but after COVID I started teaching online and I haven’t looked back, except for Goat Yoga With Mikenze in Prince Edward County. Goat Yoga is an amazing way to connect with yourself and with nature. Having the goats running around makes it a more fun and soothing practice.

Mikenze Pearsoll – Social Media Manager focuses on helping small businesses run their social media campaigns successfully, maximizing their reach and attracting new customers/ clients. I also teach entrepreneurs how to run their own social media campaigns and post properly and effectively.

A person doing a yoga pose in front of a tree.

What brought you to the region?

I was born in Belleville and raised in Prince Edward County. My entire family is in Prince Edward County, so I wanted to be close but not directly in the County. I have been living and working in Belleville on and off for over 10 years now.

What makes the Bay of Quinte a good fit for your business?

Bay of Quinte is close to my home town but allows me to reach more people than just Prince Edward County. I feel there are many people in the area who would greatly benefit from yoga and meditation but don’t feel comfortable going to local studios or group practices. I offer the same service in the comfort of your own home, and in the warmer months, Goat Yoga isn’t too far for a nice day trip to the County.

As for my social media management business, there aren’t many companies in the Belleville area who manage social media accounts so I felt I could fill a need.

What was the hardest thing about starting a business?

Not having the background in business was the hardest thing for me. As I gained more students, I learned more and received a lot of advice along the way from my business-minded students, including help to build my website and create policies for my business. I also sought out education in business and marketing and now run my own social media management business as well.

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What advice do you have for entrepreneurs in the area?

Find a way to combine your interests with a need in the area. Utilize social media to make it happen and DON’T GIVE UP! And never stop learning. Attend business
webinars, find people you can network with and bounce ideas off of each other. Get rid of negative people in your life and find positive people who will encourage you to keep going.

What surprised you about starting a business in a smaller community?

The Facebook groups were an incredible way to market my business and the
response to the ads was great! And then from there, word-of-mouth was the best way to market my business. Once people have tried my services and enjoyed them, they leave a great review and tell their friends, and their friends trust them more than any ad on any platform.

How have you changed your operations during the pandemic?

I now teach online (except for socially-distanced Goat Yoga in the warmer months). I also do Zoom consultations with my social media clients.

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What is something good that has come from this difficult situation (the pandemic)?

I have been able to extend my reach across the country and world, where I wouldn’t have been able to do that with in-person classes. This situation also caused more business to transition online, opening up the market for social media management as well.

If you were to have one word tattooed on you, what would it be?

Survivor! I have survived my horrible childhood, many difficult years of my twenties, and now I am thriving in my thirties, running my own businesses and being my own boss. I face my fears head on and overcome them. If someone says I can’t do something, I prove them wrong. I take calculated risks and make things happen for myself. Now I like to help others do the same.

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Bay of Quinte Region is an alliance of interdependent communities, bound together by a common history, shared economy, and the water that surrounds and defines us. We hope to welcome you soon.