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Bay of Quinte Entrepreneurs: Jen Cook and John Lott

Photos sourced from H2O Getaways.

An interview with Jen Cook and John Lott of H2O Getaways in Quinte West. Pronouns: Jen (she/her), John (he/him) Briefly describe your business. H2O Getaways is a boutique houseboat rental company, the first of its kind to operate along the lower half of the Trent-Severn Waterway, from Lock 1 in Quinte West, Ontario to Lock 21 in Peterborough, Ontario. We have reimagined, redesigned and renovated our boutique houseboats to include creature comforts such as upscale linens, bedding and towels, ...

Bay of Quinte Entrepreneurs: Meghan and Alex Callisto

Alex and Meghan Callisto, owners of The Cottage by Callisto, standing side-by-side holding hands with trees in the background.

An interview with Meghan and Alex Callisto of Curated by Callisto and The Cottage by Callisto. Personal pronouns: Meghan (she/her) Alex Callisto (he/him) Briefly describe your business. We are a husband, wife and pup trio who loves to travel and share new experiences with each other! We own The Cottage by Callisto and rent this carefully curated space to vacationers looking to explore Brighton and the surrounding area. This cottage is our first property, however we plan to continue ...

Reputable Climbing Coach Brings Bouldering Gym to the Bay of Quinte

Two images side by side. A person wearing a white hat and a blue jacket crouching down. A bouldering gym with climbing walls.

Photos supplied by The Boiler Room.

BORN TO BOULDER Climbing is one of the fastest growing sports in Canada. The sport is set to make its debut at the Tokyo 2021 Olympics, and a new partnership was recently announced between Canadian clothing brand Arct’eryx and Climbing Canada. New climbing gyms, such as The Boiler Room Belleville, are beginning to pop up around the country, training the next generation of athletes and introducing a record number of people to the sport. Owner and operator Malek Taleb ...

Greater Napanee At Night: A Photo Series

A stone bridge with arches at night, with a starry sky in the background.

NIGHTTIME IN NAPANEE There’s no shortage of history and great architecture to be found in Greater Napanee! Photographer Justin Anderson took some nighttime snapshots of a few historic sites and striking streetscapes around town. SPRINGSIDE PARK You can’t help but admire this old train bridge at Springside Park in Greater Napanee. The G.T.R Bridge is composed of four stone arch spans that go over Camden Road, four plate girder spans that go over Dundas Street and the river, and ...

Brighton At Night: A Photo Series

Aerial photo of highway roads and construction with a starry night.

STARS, SUNRISES AND SOMETHING SPOOKY Taking photographs at night, Justin Anderson was bound to come across plenty of stars and the occasional sunrise. But at one of his stops around Brighton, he may have encountered a ghost as well! Follow along as Justin tours Brighton after dark. *Photos were taken before the province-wide stay-at-home order. EXIT 509, COUNTY ROAD 30 There is a lot of construction with a new off ramp that you can see beside the current 401 ...

Quinte West At Night: A Photo Series

A lightning bolt at night behind a tall bridge crossing a river.

WHEN INSPIRATION STRIKES Or the lightning, whichever comes first. Justin Anderson continues to share his snapshots of our region at night, this time with a late-night trip around Quinte West. TRENTON GREENBELT “A photo of Norampac from the Trenton Green Belt Conservation Area. I knew a storm was coming in and I could hear it, but I didn’t expect this. I took this photo with a two-second shutter speed with my tripod down low on the rocks. Following this ...

Belleville At Night: A Photo Series

Aerial shot of snowy ground with footprint and a glowing 'Belleville' sign.

DARK SKY AT NIGHT, PHOTOGRAPHER’S DELIGHT Have you ever wondered what the city of Belleville looks like after you’ve gone to bed? Thankfully local photographer Justin Anderson stays up later than we do to find out. Check out Justin’s shots and his thoughts at each spot (what is this, the Cat in the Hat?) as he captures what the city looks like after hours. THE BELLEVILLE SIGN “I took several photos of the Belleville sign. But this angle is ...

From the Bay of Quinte to Switzerland–And Back

From the Bay of Quinte to Switzerland

Just over a year ago, my family and I were busily packing for a year-long exchange in Switzerland. My husband was switching jobs with a Swiss teacher in the little French-speaking town of Farvagny, about 40 minutes by car from Bern, and we were all jumping on his coattails and happily going along for the ride. The Swiss family would live in our house near Belleville and we would live in theirs. Perfect. My older daughter even agreed to ...

Lights, Camera, Local! Part One

Victor Cooper Filmmaker Belleville

As a kid I always enjoyed bossing, er… directing my siblings around in our backyard productions. I grew up in a family that loved performing, be it a church play or a music event. Fast forward nearly thirty years and not much has changed. I live about twenty-five minutes from where I grew up, I married my high school sweetheart, I still play guitar and sing at some of my favourite places around the Bay of Quinte area, and I ...

Bay of Quinte Region is an alliance of interdependent communities, bound together by a common history, shared economy, and the water that surrounds and defines us. We hope to welcome you soon.

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Bay of Quinte Region is an alliance of interdependent communities, bound together by a common history, shared economy, and the water that surrounds and defines us. We hope to welcome you soon.