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Local Food Lifestyle: How To Make A Michelada Cocktail

The food truck scene has been gaining steam for a few years in the Bay of Quinte Region, and we can’t wait to get out on the road this summer to follow our foodie friends. In prep for the mobile food season, we wanted to pass along this awesome michelada cocktail recipe from BOQ favourite, Slow Taco, who worked alongside Urban Herb on the Curb to create a BOQ-centric recipe for our Local Food Series. Check it out!

Foraging Food from Nature

Take four guys with a keen interest in all things culinary, plunk them down south of the Bay of Quinte and call them the Sons of Edward, in honour of their beloved Prince Edward County. If that sounds like some new Food Network spin-off for Game of Thrones, think again. The Sons of Edward (or SOE) actually comprise a band of cheerful and creative chefs, drawn together through a mutual love of delicious food, fresh ingredients sourced from neighbourhood farms and a keen interest in ...