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The History of the Two Row Wampum

A two row wampum belt, made of white and purple beads, folded in half.

Photos supplied by Tsi Tyónnheht Onkwawén:na Language and Cultural Centre

KEEPERS OF THE EASTERN DOOR The Kanyen’kehà:ka, or Mohawk People, are the Keepers of the Eastern Door of the Haudenosaunee Confederacy. It is their responsibility to notify the rest of the Nations if there is anything or anyone approaching from the eastern territories of the Confederacy that may affect the Kayanere’kowa, or Great Law of Peace. When the Kanyen’kehaka saw an encroaching settlement, they sent runners to the Onondaga Nation, who are the Firekeepers of the Haudenosaunee Confederacy, to ...

Greater Napanee At Night: A Photo Series

A stone bridge with arches at night, with a starry sky in the background.

NIGHTTIME IN NAPANEE There’s no shortage of history and great architecture to be found in Greater Napanee! Photographer Justin Anderson took some nighttime snapshots of a few historic sites and striking streetscapes around town. SPRINGSIDE PARK You can’t help but admire this old train bridge at Springside Park in Greater Napanee. The G.T.R Bridge is composed of four stone arch spans that go over Camden Road, four plate girder spans that go over Dundas Street and the river, and ...

Makin’ It Work: Glanmore National Historic Site

A photo of Glanmore, a Victorian mansion, with tulips in the garden.

The team at Glanmore National Historic Site is working hard to bring the community museum online in new and engaging ways.

This interview is part of a series chatting with local business owners, artists, organizers and people in our community who are learning to adapt during COVID-19. UPDATE AUGUST 12: Glanmore is now open for timed admission tours. Melissa Wakeling – Glanmore National Historic Site Describe your business. Glanmore National Historic Site is a restored Victorian mansion – a historic house and community museum operated by the City of Belleville’s Department of Recreation, Culture and Community Services. The museum is ...

Barns in the Bay of Quinte

Illustrations of barn types and accessories on an orange background with the title "Barns of Bay of Quinte."

Illustration by Jeannie Phan.

Lost in the maize of farms in the region? Wonder why barns look they way they do? Here’s a guide to use on your next drive exploring barns in the Bay of Quinte. Barns in Bay of Quinte Roof Styles 1 Gable A simple roof with two sloping sides, it’s the earliest style of roof seen on barns. Initially, they were very steep. 2 Gambrel This style of roof increased in popularity in the late 19th century as herd ...

Meet the Homes of the Old East Hill Neighbourhood

Hatt Sisters Queen Anne-style home in the Old East Hill in Belleville.

Allow Miranda Fabricius to introduce you to a handful of homes in the Old East Hill neighbourhood in Belleville.

I have lived in Belleville’s Old East Hill neighbourhood for a combined 23 years. I have lived in three houses, each one on the same street. I left for 13 years and moved to different major cities and small villages, within Canada and abroad, but I have always loved my city. I always knew that it is the place I would come back to, to make my home again.  One thing that I fell in love with early on ...

Lieutenant-Colonel Mort White: A Military Life

Military Veteran Mort White Belleville

Quick Facts: – Name: Mort White – Rank: Lieutenant-Colonel – Branch: Royal Australian Air Force, Royal Canadian Air Force – Awards: Australian Medal for Combat, Campaign Staff of Afghanistan – Served: 33 years – Currently: Retired – Marital Status: Married – Children: Six ranging 11 – 40 and seven grandchildren Lieutenant-Colonel Mort White: A Military Life Military veterans make the ultimate contribution to society by putting their lives on the line for their country. Their contribution on behalf of ...

Inside The Cover: 20 Reasons to Explore the Bay of Quinte

Oh Bay of Quinte, how do we love thee? Let us count the ways. On this green map alone, we have 20 reasons that we think you’ll love the BoQ, too. 20 Reasons to Explore the Bay of Quinte Trent Severn Waterway – This waterway consists of 44 locks, 39 swing brides over its total length of 240 miles and follows the scenic lakes and rivers connecting Lake Ontario to Georgian Bay. Lock 1, Highway 33, Trenton   Batawa Ski Hill – The ...

Remembering Sonja Bata and the Legacy She Left Behind

Sure, she was famous for shoes, but Sonja Bata should be remembered for more than the founding of Toronto’s Bata Shoe Museum, particularly by people with connections to the Bay of Quinte region. She and her husband Thomas Bata, one of the patriarchs of the once-renowned Bata shoe empire, put the quaint Quinte West community of Batawa almost literally on the map. And Sonja’s devotion to the town remained apparent in the final years of her life. Sonja, whose ...

Bay of Quinte Region is an alliance of interdependent communities, bound together by a common history, shared economy, and the water that surrounds and defines us. We hope to welcome you soon.

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Bay of Quinte Region is an alliance of interdependent communities, bound together by a common history, shared economy, and the water that surrounds and defines us. We hope to welcome you soon.