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Connecting to Culture Through Lacrosse

connecting to culture lacrosse shelby lisk

“I almost died!” Hudson squeals with a dramatic flair that only pre-teen girls are capable of. She flops herself across the grey ottoman in the sunshine-filled living room, her dark brown ponytail makes an arch as it whizzes through the air before she lands with a soft thud. She’s doing a theatrical retelling of the afternoon run she embarked on with her mother the previous day through their neighbourhood. The belly flop into the cushions mirrors her throwing herself ...

White Cedar: Replanting Sacred Trees in Tyendinaga

White Cedar Mohawks of the Bay of Quinte

(The above image is abstracted from the story of the same name from our 5th edition Discovery Guide on page 84). “Planting white cedar is important because it represents a source of life,” says Roberta Green. “As we cleanse our bodies with cedar, it is allowing our bodies to renew themselves. Many other medicines do the exact same, but in Rites of Passage we feel that during our fasting days we become more attached to cedar than any other ...