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Bay of Quinte Entrepreneur: Melissa Brant

Melissa Brant, owner of She's High on Vibes poses with art of a turtle, leaves and trees painted on her chest.

An interview with Melissa Brant of She’s High on Vibes in Belleville. Personal pronouns. She/Her Briefly describe your business. She’s High on Vibes offers unique meditation, movement and art classes for the purpose of spreading joy in the community for both youth and adults. I am a certified reiki practitioner, life coach and hula hoop instructor. My experience and knowledge allow me to deliver a fresh, fun new experience for the community in order to raise our energy individually ...

Bay of Quinte Entrepreneur: Melanie Horner

An interview with Melanie Horner of Firing Time Pottery in Brighton. Pronouns: she/ her Describe your business. Firing Time Pottery creates personalized ceramic clocks for all occasions and businesses! We also make baby announcement plates, house name plaques and yarn bowls and planters with a personality. Raku horsehair and feather are our specialty. Pottery classes and workshops for ages 5 – 95, so come and show your creativity! Workshops hosted at Firing Time studio in Brighton and other venues upon ...

Young Entrepreneur – Tina Nguyen

Meet Tina Nyugen, the multi-talented entrepreneur who not only draws incredible murals for local businesses, but also makes bold XXL hair accessories.

An interview with Tina Nguyen of Graphic Tina and XXL and Co. EDIT APRIL 2ND: XXL and Co is currently donating 50% of profits from the #StayHome collection to the Belleville General Hospital Foundation to help purchase Personal Protective Equipment. Describe your business. Firstly, Graphic Tina creates large-scale hand painted murals. I believe in the power of hand painted murals to spread messages, evoke emotion and transform spaces through the hand crafted process of using fine lines for a ...

Young Entrepreneur – Therese Cilia

Therese Cilia of Strawberry Snail Illustrations

Meet Thérèse Cilia, the talented artist and entrepreneur behind Strawberry Snail Illustrations.

An interview with Thérèse Cilia of Strawberry Snail Illustrations. Describe your business. Strawberry Snail Illustrations began in 2011 out of my studio in Toronto. It was really just a way for me to build a children’s illustration portfolio I could send to publishers while keeping myself accountable. Over the years I took on a lot of commission work and that has really built my business. Learning how to work with clients, and teaching myself new applications so that I ...

Don’t Call Her An Artist: Ashley King

Ashley King hold a piece of her art in front of a red-brick building.

Local artist Ashley King describes her struggle with imposter syndrome, entrepreneurship and the vulnerability that comes with sharing your art.

This story was originally published in Quinte Arts Council’s Umbrella magazine, fall 2019. Or a photographer, designer or illustrator, for that matter. While she is arguably all four of those things, Ashley King struggles with the idea of owning these titles. The feeling is rooted in imposter syndrome, in which an individual doubts their accomplishments and fears being called out as inadequate or worse, a fraud. It is a mentality familiar to many and crosses all disciplines, though it ...

Meet the Artists: Marleen Murphy of Millside Ceramics

A ceramic piece of art depicting the Three Sisters; by Marleen Murphy of Millside Ceramics.

Through Indigenous artistic expression, Marleen at Millside Ceramics teaches a history full of unique, relevant lessons in respect and gratitude.

Photos: Courtney Klumper

Marleen Murphy By appointment only: 220 Milltown Rd, Shannonville Twenty-something years ago, a serious accident involving her four-year-old daughter and a school bus made Marleen Murphy say, “I’m just going to stay home and figure out something to do.” With her mother-in-law in tow, Marleen started to go to ceramics classes in the evenings, and there the wheels started turning. “Geez, I could bring this to the . I could do some of this stuff here.” And so, ...

Young Entrepreneur – Anna Fraiberg

anna fraiberg hand lettering

You can find Anna’s work on Instagram at @letteringbyrose. Describe your hobby/creative project. The all-encompassing term I use to describe what I do is hand lettering. To me it’s all about making art out of words using various effects and designs. I started out with brush pens then made my way to embossing, watercolour, and eventually digital hand lettering. I love how versatile it can be and I am constantly learning new things. Items I have done for custom projects ...

Ash Murrell – Ash Murrell Photography

Ash Murrell Photography Belleville

An Interview with Young Entrepreneur Ash Murrell, owner of Ash Murrell Photography based in Belleville. Describe your business. Ash Murrell Photography is a commercial photography company specializing in Business to Business (B2B) and Business to Public (B2P) imagery. Helping clients reach new clients using cinematic story telling, we can get businesses to the market they desire. How long have you been here? I moved here with my immediate family, from France, over 16 years ago. What brought you to ...

Meet a Local Series – Chris Bennett

There’s a local artist responsible for the colourful mural you may have walked by recently downtown. That would be Chris Bennett, a born and raised, proud local and full time artist who calls Belleville home. “I’ve been doing what I’ve been doing for the past 25-30 years. I’ve made artwork a part of Belleville. It’s definitely got a lot more potential, so this is perhaps a step in the right direction to encourage more public art. And to encourage ...

Bay of Quinte Region is an alliance of interdependent communities, bound together by a common history, shared economy, and the water that surrounds and defines us. We hope to welcome you soon.

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Bay of Quinte Region is an alliance of interdependent communities, bound together by a common history, shared economy, and the water that surrounds and defines us. We hope to welcome you soon.