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We are proud to collaborate with writers, bloggers and social media gurus from all over Canada and the World. We welcome you to explore some of our creators and get in touch with us if you’d like to join the content team.

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A woman in a blue shirt standing on steps in the woods.

Lindsay Davies

The name’s Lindsay and I’m a Canadian gal that’s been bit by the travel bug. A graphic designer by trade but a wanderer by heart. Join me as I hike new trails, discover waterfalls, and indulge in anything local from coffee shops to wineries!


a woman standing in front of a mountain.

Lauren Yakiwchuk

My name is Lauren Yakiwchuk, and I’m the writer for Justin Plus Lauren. Justin Plus Lauren is a travel blog that I started in 2013 to chronicle my adventures with my partner, Justin Ceksters.

A smiling woman holding a cup of coffee.

Rosalyn Gambhir

I’m a daydreamer, a foodie, an adventurer and an explorer. But most of all, a tourist in my own backyard looking for the next exciting adventure in Kingston, Ontario and surrounding areas!

Daniel Reyes Cocka

What is #DoTheDaniel? To be honest it’s been a lot of things over the years. Initially a food blog, then turn international lifestyle blog, this latest iteration is a journal of my life. Meant to make you laugh, make you feel, and sometimes make you think. 

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Jay Kana & Steph Wallcraft

We cover everything from a uniquely Canadian perspective – culture, style, living, technology, arts, entertainment, and community – and aim to represent the diverse blend of interests and experiences of Canada’s sixth-largest city and beyond.

A woman wearing sunglasses and a sweater smiles in front of a car.
Steph Wallcraft

Steph Wallcraft is a multiple award-winning journalist specializing in cars, motorsport, and road trip travel.

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Luis Cabrera

I consider myself a ‘modern day explorer’ in the sense that my love for the unknown goes much further than just travel.  I enjoy new experiences, love being pushed out of my comfort zone and find I am the most ‘alive’ when I am experiencing something new for the first time. 

a man smiling in front of a cityscape.

Christopher Mitchell

Chris has worked with magazines, tourism boards, hotels, other content creators and travel bloggers, corporations and businesses, conferences and photographers. He has a penchant for exploring regions by bike, and sharing the quirky and unique stories while on the road.

a woman holding a glass of wine in her hand.

Lonelle Selbo

Lonelle Selbo dedicated much of her pre-County career pushing the limits of print as the editorial director of some of Canada’s most provocative fashion & lifestyle magazines.

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Emily DeSousa

HI, I’m Emily. I’m a Portuguese-Canadian fisheries scientist and science communicator. I travel the world uncovering the best available science on sustainable seafood and sharing my adventures in pescatourism.

A woman wearing a tee shirt and carrying a backpack.

Stephanie Mayo

I have a passion for travel, hiking, and local travel in Ontario! Let me take you along on my journey exploring my own backyard – including Ontario small towns, cafes, and trails to cities around the globe. I hope you will be inspired to get out and explore your backyard and beyond!

woman with medium skin tone and long dark hair sitting at a table

Alice Phan

Hi! I’m Alice, a Toronto-based food blogger with a passion for all things food. On this blog you’ll find my favourite recipes, restaurant & events in Toronto and explore guides to cities that I’ve visited.

a woman with long hair and sunglasses smiling at a blue picnic table with a blue smoothie beside her

Ang Geronimo

I’m Ang! Toronto-based creator and influencer who specializes in vibrant, unique and search engine optimization content. I am one of the leading creators on TikTok for Ontario travel and lifestyle. Lover all things food, wellness, beauty & Toronto life!

Katherine Palumbo

My name is Katherine Palumbo
and I founded Explore Ontario in
2018 with the mission to
encourage local tourism, by
connecting people with unique
vacation properties, and new
places to discover – often in their
own backyards!

white woman with blond hair on a fishing kayak holding up a fish

Ashley Rae

Ashley Rae is a full-time multi-species angler residing in Ottawa, Ontario. She is a full-time fishing writer and video/content creator. Ashley created her blog in 2009 as a diary of her fishing adventures and has since grown to write informative and educational articles for publications and websites internationally. 


She Loves to Fish, Bay of Quinte

woman holding a baby with three dogs beside them sitting on a pink sand dune

Steph MacDowell

Hi, I’m Steph! My husband Nick and I, our toddler, and three dogs (Penny, Coca & Kezia) love to explore! We are passionate about the outdoors and want to encourage families and individuals to explore new places, go camping, be active, recreate responsibly and be respectful dog owners.

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Let’s see what we got!

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The Bay of Quinte RMB Land Acknowledgement

The Bay of Quinte Regional Marketing Board is committed to acknowledging, appreciating and understanding the Indigenous peoples’ historic connection to this land and to raising awareness by building relationships in collaboration with Indigenous partners and communities. 

We recognize and acknowledge that we are living and working on the traditional territory of the Wendat, Mississauga, Anishinaabeg and Haudenosaunee which includes the Kenhtè:ke Kanyen’kehá:ka (Mohawks of the Bay of Quinte) with whom we work in direct partnership with. 

This partnership focuses on the common goal of celebrating the region with the Kenhtè:ke Kanyen’kehá:ka who are equal partners within the organization and at the Board of Directors table contributing to the mandate and operations.

This mandate includes listening to, learning from, and collaborating with the Kenhtè:ke Kanyen’kehá:ka and actively incorporating their culture and heritage into the practice of responsible destination marketing and management of the region.

We understand that this land acknowledgement is only a small step towards the larger process of reparations and reconciliation.

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