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Three Reasons to Check Out The Tweed & Company Theatre This Season

Never heard of the group? Get ready to have your socks knocked off in Hastings County, because the Tweed & Company Theatre has an incredible season ahead.

Based out of the Marble Arts Centre in Tweed, ON, the Tweed & Company Theatre has been producing original Canadian musical theatre since 2009.

ALL YOU NEED IS LOVE @ The Marble Arts Centre May 8th

Love. A four letter word that has so many meanings. We see it in film, literature and in our own daily lives. But what is love? Come with us on a journey, from famous loves to home grown loves, the up and the downs, the laughs and the tears, to discover what love is. Featuring music by Elvis Presley, the Richeous Brothers and many more of your favourite love songs. The Beatles once said, “All You Need is Love”, were they right?

STALKYARD HURTS @ The Toronto Fringe Festival July 1st-12th

and @ The Marble Arts Centre in July

For over thirty years, Gods walked among us. They came in matching suits and haircuts, conquered the airwaves in zeppelins and starships, and ruled battle arenas with electric axes and crotchless leather pants. Then, slowly, it all began to change. It started with some new kids on the block, and ended with us pawning our rock goddesses for spiced girls, and our king, prince and boss for backstreet boys.  In these dark times, one hope remains. A band that rock forgot. A band that must now survive in a hostile world that threatens to tear them apart. This is their story.  This is the story of the last great rock and roll band.

I’LL FLY AWAY @ The Marble Arts Centre Fall 2015

The Barn Door Country Classic Jamboree has been gracing the radio air waves for decades. Country stars big and small used the show as a stepping stone on their way to Nashville. Now the ratings are low and the show has been told it is time to shut down and go off the air.  Come join the cast and crew of this long running show through a nostalgic evening of memories, music, and revelations, as they prepare onstage and offstage for their final broadcast. Featuring the classic folk and country music of Patsy Cline, Hank Williams and many more!

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