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The Cheddar & Ale Trail

Cheddar & Ale Trail Bay of Quinte

With a roster rounded out by 16 local breweries and cheese makers, like Wild Card Brewing Company (Quinte West), MacKinnon Brothers Brewing (Bath), Wilton Cheese Factory (Wilton), and Ivanhoe Cheese Factory (Ivanhoe), the Cheddar & Ale Trail is a foodie’s dream. Pairing the craft beer movement with the long standing history of cheesemaking in Hastings County, the Bay of Quinte region is in essence, uniting two long-lost friends.

The Cheddar & Ale Trail is a self-guided tour that’s easily broken up into a handful of day trips, spanning the entirety of the Bay of Quinte region. Starting from Belleville, no tour stop is further than 1h away, and most are within 30-45 minutes of downtown. It’s the perfect way to support local producers as the season begins, and to get a taste of what your region is known for.

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