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February Fishing Update: Perchin’ On The Bay

Ashley Rae holds a perch on the Bay of Quinte

As we get closer to the walleye season coming to an end until spring, there are other plentiful species in the Bay that can keep anglers busy during the remainder of the hard water season. Some species, including yellow perch, are open to be targeted year-round.

The Bay holds a great yellow perch population and has been known to produce some sizable fish. Targeting these feisty little fish can result in lots of action and provide a great introduction to fishing for new anglers. With the ever-changing winter weather conditions, please ensure safety at all times when venturing out onto the ice.

Ashley Rae is a year-round multi-species angler, newspaper and magazine columnist, freelance writer, speaker and traveller. Keep up with Ashley at, and watch for her monthly fishing update at

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