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End of the Thread Antique Emporium in Brighton

Whoever said ‘You can’t please everybody’, should probably visit End of the Thread in downtown Brighton.

The store, which its owners describe as a cafe and antique emporium, offers a mix of antiques, repurposed industrial pieces, giftware, along with soup, chili, baked goods, coffee, tea and a vintage style ice cream parlour/patio around the back.

“One of the things I am extremely proud of is that we have no demographic,” says Steve White, who owns the cafe and antique emporium with his partner Tracey Acker.

“We cater to 2 year-olds and 102-year-olds. There isn’t anyone who doesn’t like it here.”

That may be a bold claim, but the constant stream of customers through the door, even on a mid-week afternoon, seem to support the claim.

“Every visit is a unique experience,” says enthusiastic customer and fan, Catherine Stutt. “From day to day, regular visitors don’t know what they’ll find; half the time they don’t know where they’ll sit because Steve and Tracey are always shifting meeting spaces to accommodate new conversation areas around vintage industrial and commercial pieces… It’s always interesting and fresh.”

“It’s eclectic and chaotic,” says Acker, looking across the store’s expanse, revealing several large wooden displays that were picked up in eastern Europe, an array of beakers and old medicine jars, several metal cabinets that have been stripped of paint and are laquered, old metal signs, new porcelain vases and much, much, much more.

“Our business has evolved during our four years here and we quickly realized that it’s all about the energy,” she explains. “People like the concept that it is always changing. It seems they enjoy the cafe and lunch bar more because it’s intermingled with our eclectic finds.  We joke that you can come in for a coffee and leave with a coffee table.”

And while White says they specialize in unusual, repurposed, industrial and one-of-a-kind traditional antiques, Acker contends, “We specialize in things that make you happy.”


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