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3 Ways to Encourage Reviews on Your TripAdvisor Listing

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As TripAdvisor introduces new opportunities for destination marketing – like customized content to complement the site’s traditional user-generated content – we’re working to put the region’s best foot forward and connect with travellers as they research their desired destinations. Below, you’ll find three actionable ways to encourage reviews on your TripAdvisor listing.

  1. Just Ask!

As the old adage goes, there’s no harm in asking. When it comes to online reviews, many consumers don’t think to leave feedback unless they have had a negative experience. This means that positive travel experiences often go without comment, and potential visitors are left to sift through a business’s negative reviews in order to make important decisions about their trip. If you’ve got happy customers, there’s no harm in asking them to share their experiences online – letting them know you’re listed on TripAdvisor is the first step in helping them become ambassadors of your brand.

2) Make Use of TripAdvisor’s Print & Digital Tools.

TripAdvisor offers a handful of tools to help businesses engage their happy customers and start attracting reviews online.

When you use TripAdvisor as a business, you have access to:

  • Free window stickers to let visitors know you’re listed and/or recommended
  • Free take-home cards to remind visitors to leave a review
  • Free stickers for businesses that offer free wifi
  • Widgets for your website to let potential visitors know they can see your reviews online

3) Try Review Express (For Accommodations).

Since the dawn of email, businesses have been sending follow-up notes to visitors after their vacations have ended. Now, TripAdvisor can help you manage this process with its own built-in follow-up tool, Review Express. What makes this service especially powerful is its capability to send private surveys to get confidential feedback from your guests – while anyone can post a review to your page, the results of Review Express surveys are available only to you. Not an accommodator? No worries: you can still feel free to collect email addresses from your visitors and send them a message. At the end of your email, try adding something similar to the following, “We understand that you have a hectic schedule and a busy life, but if you have a spare moment, we always appreciate an honest review on TripAdvisor.”

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