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Discovery Guide 5th Edition — Behind the Scenes with BoQ Baked Goods

We already knew that this place was pretty delicious but the idea to include a feature on locally made baked goods in the next Discovery Guide made it that much more true when with it came a long list of potential contributors. We weren’t sure if the concept was part of a food trend or simply a continuation of a long tradition passed down from one generation to the next but the love a masterful baked good and all the comfort that comes with it was something we wanted to share based on the fact that we have an incredible amount of masters here in the region.

Here’s a behind the scenes visual step by step of the feature’s process. Enjoy!

Step 1:  Brainstorm the Concept

Papers with headings spread out on the floor to indicate brainstorming session.
How the BoQ HQ Team Begins the Process

Step 2: The List of Contenders — Round 1

Sheets of paper with bakery names on them spread out on a black bench.
Goodness Overload? Bite Your Tongue There’s No Such Thing!

Step 3: Gather the Goods

Baked goods spread out over a table.
Sugar for days…… and that’s not even the half of it!

Step 4: Hire the Assistant

Picture of small black and white dog named Patrick looking up at camera.
Photography and General Assistant Patrick (aka Squish) being very helpful On-Site

Step 5: Set Up the Props

A pool table covered in dishes and props for photoshoot
Prop Station Ready to Go.

Step 6: Setting Up the Shot

Photographer Johnny CY Lam sets up his camera for an overhead shot
Johnny CY Lam Sets up his Apparatus

Step 7: Collaboration Between Photographer and Stylist

Photographer Johnny CY Lam and Stylist Dara Sutin discuss the shot
Decisions Desicions – Photographer Johnny and Food Stylist Dara Discuss 

Step 8: A  Sneak Peek — Wait til you see the final shot in the Guide. It’s delicious!

A whole bunch of baked goods like sprinkled donuts, chocolate cake, tarts and cupcakes on a blue table.
A Sneak Peek of Baked in the BoQ Shot

We are still knee deep in leftovers but it’s a rather enjoyable price to pay for such a great feature for the guide. And, so you know where to go in the meantime, here’s a list of contributors who blew us away at how willing they were to participate and remind us once again that we really do live in a great place.

Wannamaker’s Home Sweet Home

Rachel’s Tarts

Bri’s Beans (for the coffee props)

Grills Orchard

Taste of Country

Glazed and Confused

L’Auberge de France

The Crust and Crumb Bakery

Nice Ice Baby (for the ice cream props)

Royal Sugar Baking

Wheat and Poppy Baking Co.



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