Bay of Quinte Tourism

Bay of Quinte Farmers’ Markets and Stands

When I was a child and it came to the little piggies, I always wanted to be the one that went to market. I mean, I do love a good roast beef and home is where the heart is but, is there anything better than spending a morning, an afternoon or even an entire day browsing fruit, vegetables and handmade goods at local farmers’ markets and road-side stands? We’d be hard pressed to say it wasn’t so. Because here, in the Bay of Quinte region, we are home to more than a handful of top notch farmers’ markets and stands that supply communities with farm to table produce and delicacies that are second to none. 

AND…..We’ve made them just a click away with this pre-plotted map.  So we urge you to not only see but taste what the region has to offer.

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