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Ice Cream Outposts in Bay of Quinte

Sometimes in the Bay of Quinte Region, we scream. You’ll hear it echoing from all corners, whether you’re flushed in the face from a day at the beach, or you’re passing through downtown with the windows open. Ice cream is the cause and the effect in this scenario, and we’ve rounded up some of the best in Ontario being scooped up right here in the BoQ.

1) Reid’s Dairy
Family owned and operated and serving the community since 1910, this hard to miss castle on Belleville’s North Front Street, and it’s hard to forget the Loonie Shakes! Reid’s scoops its own line of ice creams in a variety of fun flavours, as well as mixing up the famous Loonie Shakes (their name says it all) in classic and new flavours.

2) Donini’s Gelato
Known for its chocolate around the holidays, Donini’s best kept secret is the variety of gelato available in the summer. You might leave the shop with a new favourite product!

3) Duffers Chip Wagon Canteen at Meyers Pier
Part of the popular local chip truck fleet, Duffers has opened a stationery outpost at Meyers Pier, offering crispy fresh french fries, confectionery and slushies, as well as eight flavours of ice cream to enjoy down by the pier or as you cycle by on the waterfront trail.

4) Scoop’s Ice Cream Parlour
Scoop’s is the quintessential ice cream parlour located on the main strip of Trenton. The tiny counter boasts over a dozen flavours of Breyer’s, scooped into enormous mounds on your choice of cone. Seating is only outdoor and is a great spot to relax and watch the cars go by at the end of a busy day.

5) Gourmet Diem
This foodie favourite is scooping up gelato fresh in Downtown Belleville. The gelato is handmade in Prince Edward County, and the shop regularly carries dairy-free versions of popular flavours like salted caramel swirl and mint chip!

6) Nice Ice Baby Ice Cream
This newcomer shop is partnering with local farmers and producers — from jam-makers and beekeepers to cocoa importers and coffee roasters — to turn the best, freshest, most creative local flavours into truly outstanding ice cream

7) Dairy Queen
If you are not familiar with the area or are looking for a late-night fix, DQ is your go to sweet spot. The chain has locations in Belleville, Trenton and Napanee to suit all of your traveling needs. Stop to pick up their blizzard of the month, dipped ice cream cones or grab some food.

8) Menchie’s Frozen Yogurt
Another new addition to the Belleville area is the well-known Menchie’s franchise. This cheerful self-serve chain offers dozens of frozen yogurt flavors and toppings and sells their product by weight, so you can have as much or as little as your heart (and stomach) desires. Your only limit is your imagination, so go fill up your cup and let your taste buds take over.

Make a trip of exploring the shops with this map.

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