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Birds of the Bay – The Short List

Tom Wheatley has been birding locally for ten years and has also spent much time birding internationally in Southeast Asia. He is a member of the Quinte Field Naturalists, and volunteers at the Prince Edward Point Bird Observatory.

Here Tom gives us the low down of few of our feathered friends that call the Bay of Quinte home — for part of the year at least. These birds can be spotted in their natural habitat throughout the region and Tom tells us where and when we get the best chance to catch a glimpse.

The Osprey
Observe a nesting pair carrying fish to their begging offspring in summer on Airport Road in Tyendinaga, or at Belleville’s Memorial Park on Station Street.

Pileated Woodpecker
Our largest woodpecker prefers expansive woodlots. Its laughing call often breaks the winter silence along the H.R. Frink Centre‘s Drumlin Trail.

Snowy Owl
This elegant Arctic visitor is occasionally seen on snowy farmers’ fields and along the Bay’s shore ice.

Northern Cardinal
The crimson male cardinal starts singing in early spring and continues to steal the show at backyard feeders year round.

Virginia Rail
Keen naturalists know this secretive rail’s favourite haunt in summer is along the H.R. Frink Centre‘s marsh boardwalk.

Bald Eagle
Powerful and imposing predators, these wintering eagles survey the Bay of Quinte waters for ducks and fish.

Ruby-Throated Hummingbird
Lucky are those who get these flighty little jewels visiting their backyard flower gardens. Their numbers peak in late August.

Mute Swan
Strolling along Belleville’s Bayshore Trail, you’re sure to see these graceful beauties. Watch for their drab-grey young accompanying them in summer.

Great Blue Heron
These majestic grey- and-blue sentinels stalk prey along the marshy shores of Potter’s Creek Conservation Area.

Hooded Merganser
The impressive plumage of the male merganser is not easily forgotten.
In November it gathers in large flocks in the Bay’s west end at Trenton’s Twelve O’Clock Point.

Check back monthly here as Tom continues to share his experiences with birds that live here in the Bay of Quinte and beyond.

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