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3 Ways Bay of Quinte Golf & Country Club is a Player’s Course

Bay of Quinte Golf and Country Club

Here are three reasons why Bay of Quinte Golf & Country Club is a player’s course, truly enjoyable for all skill levels.

Located on Highway 2 in Quinte West, Bay of Quinte Golf & Country Club is one of the oldest golf courses in the region, with the first nine designed shortly after World War I and opening in 1921, a time when many would come by boat from the US to play a round and explore the Bay of Quinte. Robbie Robertson designed the second nine holes 30 years later, and renovations in 2010 have made the course into the very enjoyable and playable course that it is today.

Here are three reasons why Bay of Quinte Golf & Country Club is a player’s course, truly enjoyable for all skill levels.

Level Terrain

Level terrain

If I know most golfers (and I do), they definitely like playing a mix of terrain. But when it gets to be too hilly of a walk or they start to run into a multitude of side hill lies, your average golfer tends to lose interest because their game tends to lose its steam. This is one of the reasons Bay of Quinte Golf & Country Club excels. They certainly have their fair share of ups and downs, like the uphill approach on the long par 4 at number six, the intriguing risk/reward number 14 (just 250 yds from the middle tee, but with a large hazard in front of the green), or the elevated deck with the woods nipping at your left side on 15. But none of these ups and downs become too intense because they’re well-spaced, and because on the whole, the course is a pretty level one.

Fair greens (in excellent condition)
Fair greens.

Fair greens (in excellent condition)

Again, my knowledge of all golfers allows me to deduce why Bay of Quinte Golf & Country Club’s greens will make just about any golfer happy. Like the terrain, the greens are also fairly level for the most part, so you won’t find too many opportunities for unfair precarious pin placements, or putts where you’re attempting to make sense of multiple sweeping breakers. As well, none are aircraft-carrier in size, so a good approach shot should find you within pretty comfortable 2-putt distance as long as you left your yips in the car. As a bonus, Bay of Quinte made a shift recently not to host big tournaments like many of the other clubs in the region. This is reflected in the excellent condition of their putting surfaces; the decrease in traffic and divots needing to be replaced has led to top notch greens with a great pace.

300 yarders.
300 yarders.

A number of reachable straightaway holes (the 300 yarders)

A quick look at the score card and you can see that there are a good half a dozen holes playing under 350 yards from the mid tees. With the average golfer driving the ball somewhere between 180-220 yards, these holes should be attainable in two for most players. Add to that the fact that many of them are straight away, without significant doglegs or hazards and most bogey golfers will have the opportunity to turn a few of them into scoring holes. For example, I love 10 and 11 because they are a great pair of short and straight back-to-back holes that you can get aggressive with after you’ve had a chance to warm up on the front nine.

Pair all of the above with the fact that yardage maxes out just over 6,500 yards from the back tees and you’re looking at multiple reasons why Bay of Quinte Golf & Country Club is a very playable course for any type of player. If you’re coming in from out of town, make sure to check out the Bay of Quinte Stay & Play Golf Package to book your round and accommodations.

Ps. Almost forgot the 19th hole! Right now, you can enjoy your libation and sustenance overlooking the beautiful Bay of Quinte on their patio (try the wings, they’re spectacular). Next year, a brand new clubhouse will be completed, with plans for an equally beautiful patio view of the finishing green. Get your cameras ready.


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