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10 Ways to Get the Most Out of Your Downtown DocFest Pass

New to the screening scene? No worries! Film Buffs and Newbies alike can have an equally awesome time at Downtown DocFest. Here are some of Belleville’s best kept secrets for getting the most out of your festival pass this year.

  1. Look for the Green Shirts. These people are your friends! Our volunteers wear vibrant “DocFest Green” shirts each year, so that they’re easy to spot when you’re seeking a seat, looking for the loo or caching your coat.
  2. Catch the Loyalist Screenings. Head over to Loyalist College on Thursday, March 3rd for a special screening of the FTVP class 4X4 documentary projects, followed by American Idol-style critique from local professional filmmakers. Mingle with the professional and up-and-coming filmmakers at Capers downtown afterwards!
  3. Strategize. You won’t be able to see every film playing in the festival. Decisions have to be made. So do your research, map out your viewing strategy and familiarize yourself with the venues ahead of time. A lot of films are donated to the library after the festival so you can see the ones you missed and watch your favourites again.
  4. Be an Early Bird to the Gala. The first event of the weekend will start with a bang on Friday, so be sure to show up with time to spare. Don’t miss the Green Carpet interviews, where attending filmmakers will give their unique take on their work.
  5. Check the schedule for attending filmmakers. Over the course of the weekend, you’ll find many local and regional filmmakers attend the screenings of their films for Q&As. Check the schedule to find out who’ll be at your top picks, and take the opportunity reach out with your own questions.
  6. Keep an eye out for downtown specials. Grabbing breakfast before a screening? Keep it local! Discussing an evening flick over brews? You can do that locally as well. Many downtown businesses offer special promotions during Downtown DocFest, so take a stroll down Front Street and enjoy the village!
  7. Snuggle up. There’s no need to be afraid of your neighbours at any Belleville Downtown DocFest venue, so take a seat right next to someone and strike up a conversation! Our venues are small, so ensuring that there are no empty seats allows for more ticket holders to experience the films.
  8. Volunteer! You can get a free festival pass for volunteering your time for the second year in a row – that means Rush Tickets to attend films when you’re not scheduled to help out. It’s a pretty sweet deal.
  9. Exit in an orderly fashion. We ask each viewer to exit the room after every screening, so that there’s equal opportunity for all ticket holders to get a seat. You wouldn’t want a seat hog to prevent you from a fair chance at a seat, so please respect the exit protocol!
  10. Tweet it up! We’re on social media all week long, so tweet us your favourite flicks and tell us what you think! You could even find yourself in conversation with a filmmaker! (Find us @downtowndocfest on Twitter and @dtdocfest on Instagram!)

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