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Top 3 Quinte West Neighbourhoods for the Millennial Homebuyer

Like Belleville, Quinte West has become an attractive area for the millennial homebuyer — and no wonder. With average home prices well under $300,000 and a landscape that mixes the best of rural and urban living, the reasons for putting down roots here are many.

For one, this city of 43,000 sits on a gorgeous stretch of the Bay of Quinte at the mouth of the world-famous Trent-Severn Waterway. For another, it has a strong and vibrant economic base with deep historical and military roots. There are also four distinct wards here to choose from — Trenton, Frankford, Murray and Sidney — and each has its own unique character.

To help narrow your search, here are three of the best neighbourhoods in Quinte West if you’re a millennial and looking to buy a home.

Thanks to Sarah Dean and her team at Tim McKinney Re/Max Quinte for taking the time to research and provide all the current information within these paragraphs.


Originally built for the workers of the Bata Shoes empire, this area north of the 401 near the Trent River is now best known for its ski hill. It’s about a 10-minute drive to downtown Trenton, and the feel here is country subdivision.

Average home prices: $310,000

Types of homes: You’ll mainly find 50-year-old bungalows built with a mid-century modern style. Many come with large yards.

Demographics: About 30% of the population is aged 20 to 44. Most are married and have large families.

Attractions: In the winter, the Batawa ski hill is the big draw, but there are also outdoor skating rinks, new parks and a community centre. The area is also surrounded by fields and close to the Trent River, though it’s only about a five-minute drive to grocery stores and other shops.

Downtown Trenton

Downtown Trenton, found where the Trent River meets the Bay of Quinte, is the heart of Quinte West. Here you’ll find some of the region’s top restaurants, a craft brewery, and green spaces galore.

Average home prices: You’ll easily find a home here for under $200,000.

Types of homes: Many are two-stories with small lots. Most are over 100 years old, so there are quite a few fixer-uppers.

Demographics: About 30% of the population is between 20 and 40 years old. There are more renters than homeowners in this area, and many work in the trades or in blue collar/service sector jobs.

Attractions: With such low housing prices and many nearby amenities, downtown Trenton may give you the best bang for your buck in the region.

West End Trenton

Stretching from Division Street in the east to about 2nd Dug Hill Road in the west, this neighbourhood is a hotbed for millennial homebuyers. Think lots of subdivisions and lots of young families with children.

Average home prices: $275,000

Types of homes: Around half of the homes here are under 25-years-old, and many of those were built less than 10 years ago.

Demographics: About 45% of the population is between 20 and 44 years old. And that number is growing. This area has one of the largest concentrations of millennials in the entire Bay of Quinte region.

Attractions: A huge number of great subdivisions to choose from. Everything is within walking distance of schools, amenities and downtown Trenton. Plus, you’ll be surrounded by other young people just like you.

Bay of Quinte Region is an alliance of interdependent communities, bound together by a common history, shared economy, and the water that surrounds and defines us. We hope to welcome you soon.