Bay of Quinte Tourism

Start a Business in the Bay of Quinte

You would be hard pressed to find such a ready atmosphere for business startup than here in the BoQ. We are thriving in so many ways for so many reasons. The municipalities and business leaders here work tirelessly to build “live, work and play” communities that enrich the experience of residing alongside the spectacular Bay of Quinte.

Our revitalized downtown cores scream “park the car and walk” so the intriguing shops, restaurants, and entertainment venues can be fully explored. If you build it, those strolling by will come! And newly renovated downtown office spaces boast exposed original brick, distressed beams, and refurbished wood slat floors, all for costs well below average big city rent. How cool is that?

We live local, we buy local, and because we are such a hot spot for tourists, the marketplace brims with opportunity for diverse businesses to succeed. Bring us your retail, food, drink, sport, lodging and creative types along with your service startups, innovators, builders, professionals, and techies. We are poised for continued growth and exposure and invite everyone to the party.

Companies large and small can’t beat the competitive advantage of running a business that cuddles up to Hwy 401. That proximity is an all-access pass to sales, distribution and supplier chains in the biggest markets in Canada and the US. Whether loaded trucks are leaving shipping docks or staff are unpacking supplier products, businesses are reaping the rewards of this sought-after geography.


We have college students, intergenerational families, curious newcomers, comfortable retirees, young families, and returning thirty-somethings-that’s a lot of potential for a business to find a niche market or reach a broader audience.

And while our population boasts a healthy crowd of buyers, they are also a part of a skilled local workforce. Dip into our talent pool to grow your business utilizing our varied and impressive regional skill sets and expertise.

We’re here. When are you coming?

Visit the Small Business Centre for help, ideas and those “what do I do now” moments.

Bay of Quinte Region is an alliance of interdependent communities, bound together by a common history, shared economy, and the water that surrounds and defines us. We hope to welcome you soon.